Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Is Angelina Jolie pregnant with Brad Pitt's second biological child? Star magazine is reporting that Angelina is exhibiting the tell-tale signs she's pregnant, as a source tells them, "I heard she's not able to hold down food very well." The source adds that Angelina is back on prenatal vitamins and she's off birth control!

According to Star, the baby evidence is thus:

1. Brad's doing their charity work. Angelina has done heavy lifting as part of her charity outreach in earthquake-ravaged Pakistan and war-torn Sudan, but she let Brad do the work on oct. 30 in the Indian village of Lonavala, where he helped build one of 100 homes as part of hte Jimmy Carter Work Project. Dr. Turner (editor's note: this is the obviously qualified ob-gyn who talks to celebrity weeklies, "who has not treated Angelina") says Angie should limit her physical exertion--no house building!

2. She's in seclusion! Angelina has rarely been seen in public since arriving in Pune with Brad and the kids on Oct. 2. Her recent romantic excursion with Brad couldn't have been more private: The pair holed up for three days in the Taj Lake Palace hotel, an exclusive former home to the Maharaja located in the middle of a lake in Udaipur, India!

3. She wore black to hide it before! Yes, she was once the queen of Goth, but recently Angie has been wearing black to hide something, rather than show off! The concealing color was a favorite of hers last December when she was in her first trimester--and it's all she's been wearing in recent weeks in India!

Thanks, Star, for the impressive reporting work. Let's see how long they wait to make any sort of announcement.

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