Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Here's Sienna Miller re-shooting scenes from her movie "Factory Girl" yesterday in New York City. "FG", which also stars Guy Pearce and Jimmy Fallon (? I know, whaaa?), is now on it's second round of re-shoots, which signals the greatness of this film, to be released next month. And Fallon's in it, maybe proving himself as a dramatic actor after "Fever Pitch" worked out so well for him and Drew Barrymore. As Michael K of Dlisted notes, "[her] eyebrows were done with a Sharpie, that's how low-rent this thing is!"
More bad news for Sienna after the "Shitsburgh" fiasco...from the New York Post's Page Six section, Jude Law and Sienna Miller have broken up...again. "She was just too wild for him," said the insider. "She partied too much. He is a devoted father of four children and she always wanted to go out constantly. He was just done with her." Looks like he's taking it harder than her. Expect more hair loss over this latest breakup.

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