Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This week's Gallery of Weird, not Gross, Weird. Above: what's that in Nicole Richie's nose? Is that a photoshopped coke booger? Or a nose ring? Who sure is glistening though, whatever it is...
Bedonkedonk, Nicky Hilton!
Nice jazz hands, Lance Bass. Once your mother named you "Lance" we should have known you'd turn out gay. It doesn't help that you wear orange shirts and date someone named "Reichen."
This is John Travolta, otherwise known on celeb blogs as John Travorca, dressed in drag as he plays the mother in "Hairspray", a role previously played by Divine. Big shoes to fill, Travolta.
God bless and hail mary, Madonna.
Again?? Oh, George Michael, stop passing out in your car and denying you have a drug problem.
Gross. Where was Carrot top that the Carter brothers were too? Obviously an A List party. And why does Carrot top look so plastic surgeried? Or maybe it's just his eyeliner.
Jean Paul Gaultier thought he'd strike back against skinny models by premiering a plus-size model on the runway. You know all those skinny bitches were jealous when she was eating a pre-show apple pie.

Uh oh, look who's at it again...Pete Doherty obviously isn't having eyelid spasms.

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