Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"Saved By the Bell"


"Saved By the Smell"

1. "SBTS" includes a Dirty Sanchez; the only Dirty Sanchez on "SBTB" is Mario Lopez. Point: Smell.

2. "SBTS" stars Dustin Diamond and two women; "SBTB" stars Mark Paul Gosselaar and three teen girls. Point: Bell.

3. "SBTS" does not feature one Mr. Belding; "SBTB" unfortunately features him in nearly every episode. Point: Smell.

4. Dustin Diamond's new claim to fame: sex tape; Lark Voorhies claim to fame: cocaine scandal. Point: Smell.

5. Screech has sex in "SBTS"; Screech makes spaghetti sauce and robots in "SBTB". Point: Bell.

THE WINNER, AT 3:2, "Saved By the Smell." Shudder...


Jerkstore said...

Fucking Dustin Diamond, haven't I talked about him before on this? I freaking hate the guy. He's an asshole liar. Every time I see him it makes me pissed, Hey screech we no that you were the dork for so long, and that none of the girls 'liked' you, and your inventions never went anywhere. However NO ONE wants to see you wipe shit on a girls face let alone climax. You suck.

SES said...

ha ha, that made me laugh. (ever notice how "ha ha" never does justice to a REAL laugh?)

and I "liked" how you put "liked" in quotes.