Tuesday, October 24, 2006

This man will make a great father. Actually, he already is one: Pete Doherty has a three year old son. He got in a brawl with the paparazzi, a pretty bloody one at that. And I don't mean "bloody" in the British sense, like, "That bloody wanker!"
So first we had Pete and Kate Moss ring-shopping (see below)...then we discover that crack runs in the Doherty family when Pete's uncle has blabbed that Kate is pregnant and the two are very happy...and now we have a picture of Kate shopping (uh-oh: retail therapy in the first trimester), wearing baggy clothes atypical of a model (double uh-oh: hiding that baby bump? look out, US Weekly is already on Bump Watch), AND a ring on her left hand (Perez Hilton has pointed it out for you, but it's still kind of hard to see, sorry). Are the rumors true?

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