Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This is Elliot Mintz, Paris' second asshole, since he's virtually up her butt every minute of the day. Mollygood dug this up on the 61 year-old publicist, under the heading "Dreams of a Young Elliot Mintz":

"I've been wondering about Elliot Mintz, the 61-year-old man who follows a few feet behind Paris Hilton every night. working perpetual damage control (because preemptive work clearly doesn't work with that one), for a while. Beyond the NY Times article about Mintz in which, beyond revealing that he is partially responsible for the public monstrocity that is Hilton, Mintz claims that if he's not out of the celeb-trailing game by July 2007, to remind him that he's a failure, I've just wanted to know how he got there.

Also, I'm just trying to make reason of the fact that John Lennon and Paris Hilton share a friend in Mintz. True story. He compares the two as voices of their generations non-sarcastically. Shudder.

Wikipedia, the loyal mistress, showed me that a young Mintz worked for Pasadena radio station KPPC. While there he shot this promo poster for the station, which lends a perfect canvas for interpreting the dreams of young Mintz. Ever the idealist, I can only imagine that he aspired to someday spend his days trying to make sure Paris Hilton (who was but a twinkle in her parents' eye) didn't expose her ass."

P.s. if you look in Elliot's dream, you'll see in the upper left corner the recent pic of Paris with what's supposedly weed in her looks more like dirty schwag and why would a rich heiress buy shitty weed? She should hook up with Constantine Maroulis. You know he's a hippy with brunette locks like that.

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