Saturday, October 07, 2006

Surprising BFFs Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes have been spotted together all over Paris during Fashion Week, and their stylists have been hard at work trying to make them as trendy as possible. They premiere daytime and nighttime looks, but are pretty much always wearing sunglasses. I think Katie picked that one up from Tom, and passed it along to Posh. And at nighttime, they paint each other's toenails and have pillow fights. Katie's Katharine Hepburn white suit look makes her look like a wigger--are there no tailors in all of Paris? And Posh's white cocktail dress could rival Bjork's swan dress from a few years back. Their appearances together look so staged, as does the scene below, captured by a photographer who followed Katie from the Ritz and she invited him in this children's boutique.

This image is from Pink is the New Blog, and I like Trent's comment that even fake babies get cold sometimes. Look at Katie smiling and head-tilting the salesperson; I imagine the photographer shouting, "Come on, give me some humanity! Let's go, talk to the lowly people!" And isn't Suri like six months old? That coat is fit for a three year old. Not to mention u-g-l-y.

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