Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Popbytes seems to think that Kate Moss had a nose job...considering that photo on the left was taken when she was probably 11 or 12 and no one grown up (thankfully) looks like they did when they were 12, and considering the mountains of cocaine she's done in her lifetime, it's no wonder her nose looks a little thinner. And was the nametag necessary?

Speaking of plastic surgery...
I read this issue, and apparently, Ashlee Simpson is addicted to plastic surgery, getting her nose, cheeks, chin, and lips done. I hope she ends up like that catlady who couldn't stop getting face lifts and now her eyebrows are arched all the way to infinity. I guess I never noticed Ashlee's Jay Leno-sized chin, it is pretty prominent in that photo above. I didn't think she looked that bad to begin with, but this coming from a girl who has quite the profile on her. Now Ashlee is virtually unrecognizable.

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