Monday, September 18, 2006

A second autopsy has been performed on Daniel Smith by Cyril Wecht, and ruled out is natural causes, foul play, and suicide. Which leaves....?? A fat mystery that's going to be a killer tv movie? As Michael K of DListed said, "Will somebody send Jessica Fletcher to the Bahamas already?"
"[Wecht] also affirmed findings by Bahamas investigators that foul play did not appear to be involved in the young man’s death, which was labeled “suspicious” by the coroner’s office because the cause was still unclear.
He said he has requested Daniel Smith’s medical records from the United States and ordered further tests that could take weeks to complete. He said he had sent samples to a lab in the United States for further examination, including toxicology tests.
“I don’t find anything that would cause me to believe there is something in terms of some traumatic injury that was inflicted, or somebody having done something to him in some cryptic manner that could not be observed,” Wecht told reporters outside the morgue where he performed the procedure."

This is such a bizarre and sad story. Apparently he was on antidepressants, having been in treatment for depression for 4-6 weeks, but there's no word as to whether this medication had a hand in his death. I have a friend who thinks Howard K. Stern killed him, as he was the mysterious third person in the room, but I just don't know. I'll sleep better at night when this next toxicology report comes back from the coroner's office.


Jerkstore said...

I have a feeling we will never find out what happened to him. It is sad. I actually feel bad for A.N.S. I never thought that I would feel that for her, ever.

SES said...

I think you're right...too suspicious.