Monday, September 18, 2006

Look at this kid bust a move, stealing the show from a lame President Bush. He's doing like a running man-punch combo, quite advanced for a 6 year old.
Ew, Ryan Cabrera's a creep! He's dating Elvis' granddaughter Riley Keough...this is them in NYC, and is it just me, or did Ryan get a little chunky?
This is where he learned his creep ways, from Joe Simpson, manager from hell, former Baptist minister turned gross father.
Yikes! Look at her legs!
Word on the street is Clay Aiken may come out on Good Morning America. Then maybe he can quit it with that awful comb-over? It really doesn't make you any more hetero.
Fergie! Are you doing the Roger Rabbit?
A fantastic-looking manicure on Lindsay Lohan. And I guess I never realized how freckled she is.
Whoa, where's Christina Ricci been? Obviously not at a salon.


Jerkstore said...

Posh and her husband look like they belong at the house of wax.

Finally someone frecklier than me.


Christina Ricci is always shrinking. I think that is how we loose sight of her.

SES said...

definitely agree about posh and becks...if she gets pregnant, I don't know how that's humanly possible.

ha ha, you're totally not as freckly as lohan.


the only thing that's NOT shrinking on ricci is her forehead.

Jerkstore said...

poor girl.

I read something about Posh in Star, it is said that she already has a scheduled lipo and tummy tuck appointment for right after she gives birth. That just suck that fat right out and cut off the stretched out skin and that is why she looks the way she does after giving birth. If you ask me I think that is the sickest thing in the world.