Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Aaron Carter, 18, just announced he's engaged to a Playboy Playmate, coincidentally in time for the premiere of the reality show, House of Carters, on E!

From E! online: "Kari Ann Peniche, 22, who says on her MySpace.com page that "intelligence is most important in a boyfriend/girlfriend," was crowned Miss United States Teen in 2003 but was later stripped of the title (no pun intended) after posing nude in Playboy's November 2004 issue. (Baring almost-all for Howard Stern's radio show afterward probably didn't help her crown cause, either.)"

Also coincidentally, Peniche used to date Aaron's brother, Nick, formerly of the Backstreet Boys and Paris Hilton's crotch. Isn't that a bit odd? To be marrying the brother of a guy you used to date? I can't wait to see where this trainwreck is going...and it will be all over tv, with the whole Carter family involved!

Sidenote Nick Carter: yellow does NOT match camo. And why are you barefoot?


thealphafelines said...

I'm going to watch house of Carters. It will be the better/trashier version of hogan knows best.

Do you remember the song Aarron's party? Rudy does, he was singing it at Wills on friday.


SES said...

yeah, I'm gonna watch it too...

totally remember the song aaron's party, and of course, Rudy would have that as part of his singing repertoire.

what are you up to this weekend? I haven't seen you in forevs.