Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lindsay Lohan is about two seconds away from this....
The top photo is Linsday and her boyfriend Harry Morton vacationing in Hawaii, curiously during the MTV VMA's, which notoriously press-hungry Lindsay was thought to have been attending but was was no-show. Which rhymes with ho. The above photo is a "scene" from a "movie" that Lindsay was "filming" this summer. And I might as well address the rumors that Lindsay could be engaged to Harry, after he was seen shopping at Cartier and store owners couldn't comment on his purchase. Then again, he is a multimillionaire and may just buy diamonds for the hell of it. What other way to spoil your almost-equally-as-rich uber-serious girlfriend of two months? Stay tuned for details, but she's 20, he's 25 and they barely know each other. So in Hollywoodland, they're mos def getting married.

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