Thursday, September 28, 2006

Kate Moss in the audience at boyf Pete Doherty's band Babyshambles' concert in Ireland. What's that suspicious substance in her nose? Straight boogers or coke snot? I personally think it's just the lighting that makes her septum looked caked in cocaine. And it's totally the camera's fault for that drugged-out looking stare.

Then again, she must have been fucked up, she actually got onstage and sang. And that's Kate Moss in a sweaterdress. Uh oh though, Pete was later spotted purchasing two syringes at a pharmacist's in Dublin. Maybe he's just diabetic guys, come on. And apparently there's been a spike in the attendance of young girls in rehab in Britain...according to The Sun: "What is even more terrifying is the effect on his thousands of young fans. I can reveal The Priory in North London has seen admissions of young girls go through the roof. The impressionable teenagers have been signing up as outpatients to anxiety classes -- just for a chance to see Pete. A concerned source at the rehab hospital where Justin Hawkins and Tom Chaplin from KEANE were also treated, told me: "The girls turn up complaining of suffering from anxiety and start asking about Pete. Pete has even visited some of the girls and helped them write poems. They are hooked on his every word -- it's frightening. They think being in rehab is cool . . . it's not."

Dear Diary,

Went to those bloody anxiety classes again today, but caught site of Pete! Heart heart heart. And he gave me a snog on the cheek! Sigh. A weird meth addict's been giving me the eye though. Stole my markers during the self-esteem building exercise. Twat!



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