Monday, September 18, 2006

The greatest luck that's hit James Blunt since people actually listened to "You're Beautiful" has come to an end...Czech supermodel and tsunami survivor Petra Nemcova has dumped the British singer for somebody with waaaaay more money. She attended the premiere of The Black Dahlia in New York last week on the arm of Nathaniel Rothschild, a Brit worth hundreds of millions in old money. From Celebitchy:

“The two were inseparable at the after-party at the Soho Grand,” I am told. Blunt, 29, who was educated at Harrow, has made several million pounds from the worldwide success of such hits as "You’re Beautiful". Nat, an Old Etonian, who leads the hedge fund Atticus Capital, is, however, the heir to a £500-million banking fortune.
The 35-year-old son of Lord (Jacob) Rothschild, Nat has been resolutely single since his marriage to the actress Annabelle Neilson ended in 1997 after just two years.

Boo-ya! Dumped for the richer, older man. James will certainly write some sad diddies about that relationship. The big surprise in this story is that James and Petra lasted as long as they did; frankly they seemed ill-matched. He kind of reminds me a dorkier Chris Martin of Coldplay, and everyone knows Chris Martin was a virgin until he was 28. With those teeth? It's lucky he made it with a girl before age 40.

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Jerkstore said...

James Blunt is a creep and I have thought that since the moment I heard his song and then later say him singing it on SNL where I think I saw tears. I couldn't believe she was dating him to begin with though. It serves him right, he dumped his soon to be wife once he hit it big and then thought he could tromp around with models. Give me a break James you arent that good looking (like at all).