Wednesday, September 06, 2006

From this week's Gallery of Gross...Carrot top. Oh. My. God.
Don Vito shouldn't even be allowed adults, let alone children.

Take your pick...on the left, we've got a photoshopped picture of Lindsay Lohan's crotch shot and on the right, we've got the real version of the photo, complete with pink undies, as she steps off a boat in Venice, Italy. Looks like Brandon Davis will have to find a new nickname for her, as "firecrotch" no longer suits her bald vag. Seriously, who would go underwear-less when you're planning on stepping in and out of a boat, in clear crotch shot of the paparazzi? Idiot. This coming from a girl who once flashed a friend's parents, a day I will never live down. At least I was wearing underwear.
Yikes, George Clooney, adolescence was not kind to you. Did you sister go at your bangs with scissors, because she missed a chunk over your right eyebrow. Old age was much nicer.
Woof, Jack Osborne. What happened to you mountain-climbing and eating right? But good idea, to surround yourself with ugly people (not pictured is Kimberly Stewart, who was with Jack at the beach that day) so that you don't look so chubby.
I'm already mad at myself that I posted a picture of Mischa Barton's cellulite in the Gallery of Gross...why? Because it's totally normal and nearly everyone has it. But still, it actually makes me feel great that someone as thin as Mischa has cellulite AND that it was captured on film! So, to sum up, this pic shouldn't be in here but I thought you'd want to see it anyway, since star flaws are hot commodities in paparazzi-ville.
This is what Whitney's going to look like in a few more crack-filled years.
Wow. Who let Aretha Franklin and her tits out of the house like this? They probably have a separate entrance and exit...and she's never getting those pearls out of that crevice.

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