Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Does anyone else think Ashlee Simpson's guitarist Braxton Olita looks like a grown-up Maddox Jolie-Pitt? And what the hell does she have a guitarist for? Either way, they're going to be in an awkward situation next tour since, according to Bricks and Stones, "Ashlee Simpson, 21, turned heads on September 2 at the NYC bar Don Hill’s, as she snuggled and kissed a cute guy in the hot spot’s VIP section. One big problem: he wasn’t Simpson’s guitarist and boyfriend of nearly a year, Braxton Olita." He was....
Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, 27! And this is their first picture together! What do they even talk about anyway? Side-zip sweatshirts? Nose jobs? Everyone knows she's the Simpson sister who puts out, so plus a thousand Pete! Maybe you can text message her photos of your groin.

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