Friday, August 18, 2006

Is Nicole Richie dating Brody Jenner, Kristin Cavaleri's ex? They sure looked to be enjoying each other's company on a recent lunch outing (where Nicole just had half an iced tea) and were later spotted dining together. She's been in the company of quite a few gentlemen in the past few weeks, so we'll see if this goes anywhere...or, goes the route of Steve-O.
Um, wow. Judging from her stomach, I'm starting to wonder if those rumors about Nicole having had lipo are true. That's some loose skin. And her clavicle? SICK. She needs to gain some lbs, and fast.


Jerkstore said...

I have this magazine sitting on my coffee table at home right now. But one thing that you can't notice here that you can on paper is that her swim bottoms are actually hanging about an inch from wear her ass should exist. It’s creeptastic and freaked me out when I noticed it.

Jerkstore said...

I wrote wear and ment were. I bet that kind of hurt to read at first huh SES. Sorry. I love this blog, right up my alley.

SES said...

it did hurt a little, but I'm a grammar nazi by trade so every misplaced comma tears my insides. I'm so glad you found celeb dish though, I'll try to update it more often now that I know you read it at work.

seriously, we need to hang out.