Monday, July 24, 2006

Before we enter into the gallery of the nip slip, take a long hard look at Donatella Versace's boobs. Why, you ask? Because you'll feel thankful. Thankful for fucking what? you may ask. Thankful that she isn't joining the gallery of the nip slip and exposing any part of her old, shriveled nipple. And thus we begin, because it seems as if there aren't any celeb photos anymore that don't involve a nip slip...
A Tara Reid nip slip...not that surprising. But what is weird is that she's frolicking with a child who is obviously not her own, and pictures taken in the same sequence show Tara drinking and smoking by the pool. What person lets a smashed Tara Reid touch their child, let alone play in a pool with them? An irresponsible one, that's who.
Madonna's is a double nip slip since she so smartly wore all white to the beach. And not just a white top, but a white bathing suit too. Brilliant.
Kate Moss, an unlikely suspect for the nip slip gallery since she's in bathing suits all the time and should be used to their cut. But she's a recovering addict, we've gotta give her a little leeway. Especially when it involves a nip slip, then we can post the pictures and laugh at her.
This well-known photo of Courtney Cox-Arquette's nip slip, mischieviously pulled off by daughter Coco, is from I Don't Like You In That Way. Years in the future, when Coco brings home a date, they'll look through the family photo album and not find Coco nude in the bathtub, but Courtney, nip slipping at the beach.
Cameron Diaz's nip slip is old news, it was already printed in magazines and everything. Still, a wonderful addition to the nip slip gallery.

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