Thursday, July 12, 2007

Reports Bricks and Stones, Drew Barrymore is at the center of a love triangle: "Drew Barrymore is apparently making the rounds when it comes to men. The actress who was first romantically linked to director Spike Jonze about four months ago was spotted yesterday at El Rey Theatre, cuddling and kissing the director in a VIP booth. Drew was seen stroking Jonze’s moustache and kissing him for a good ten seconds according to an audience member.
Only last week Barrymore was seen getting frisky with "Scrubs" star Zach Braff. The couple was spotted at a "Saturday Night Live" afterparty and in various areas of NYC. An onlooker told People:
“There was a moment when they kissed and it seemed almost blissful.”
Reps for Barrymore and Braff had no comment. A rep for Jonze said “we don’t comment on our clients personal lives.”

Who are these gay onlookers: "it seemed almost blissful"? Why do they always exaggerate a relationship? Two people kiss and suddenly they're soulmates? Try next week they're over each other.

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