Thursday, June 07, 2007

You may think that's Calum Best that Lindsay Lohan has mounted, but really that's her bodyguard, the only person (so far) to visit her at Promises Rehab Clinic. Or whatevs. They probably call it "Relaxation Resort" instead of what it really is.

According to Star, it doesn't sound like this relaxo ranch vacay is working out quite as well as the last stint in rehab did, meaning no one has managed to sneak in pills this time and she hasn't taken any breaks to go clubbing. This go-round found Lindsay in major detox--think Leonardo DiCaprio in "Basketball Diaries." Here's the story:

The young actress was in such a dire state that staff at the rehab facility prepared for the worst.

“She looked dead,” says a source, who adds that the troubled actress appeared to be scary skinny, pale as a ghost and very quite. “She looked like a stray dog the pound had just taken in.”
Insiders reveal to Star that party girl Lindsay spent her first 4 days detoxing, from alcohol, cocaine, and prescription drugs like Percocet and Vicodin.

“She said she felt bad – really bad,” says the source. But she’s gone through rehab before and she said she’d be OK if she were left alone to lie down in a dark room. She apparently was a veteran who knew the drill and was “used to doing it her own way.”

She got the “sweats” during the detox process, but seemed really tough about it. She refused meals, says the source, but wanted water and crackers. This is Lindsay’s second stint in rehab this year, first in January at the Wonderland Center in L.A.

At $48,000 for a 30-day stay, Lindsay gets a room with an ocean view in the 16-person facility. No cell phones or BlackBerrys are allowed, but somehow, say insiders she managed to get her BlackBerry in - and shockingly she’s been asking friends to smuggle sleeping pills in as well!

“She’s in rehab because of her addiction to drugs – everything from cocaine to OxyContin and Ambien – but she’s complaining she can’t sleep,” says a close friend. “She’s been texting friends 24/7, begging them for pills!” Insiders also reveal that she’s more concerned about her upcoming 21st birthday bash in Las Vegas on July 2.

Lindsay has given up on meals, but has been loading up on coffee sweetened with about 25 packages of Splenda. A source reveals to Star, “It’s typical for someone coming off cocaine, even alcohol, to load up on sweets. I’ve heard this can happen with almost any patient. Sugar gives you a high.”

Lindsay also hired a sobriety coach at $2000 a day to be with her around the clock, and is occasionally allowed off the Promises premises to attend addiction group meetings. She won’t allow her parents, Dina and Michael, to visit her."

I'd like to touch on the Splenda topic. I currently consume 15-25 packets of Equal a day and with all that aspartame coursing through my veins, I'm not buzzed. Do I probs need to detox from sweetner? Mos def. Do I sympathize because they only serve decaf coffee in rehab? Totally. But Lindsay gave up on food long ago, so this is nothing new. I'm really curious to see where this goes, if rehab will stick this time or if she'll resort back to her old ways.

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