Thursday, June 14, 2007

-->Reports People mag: After a stay of less than a week, Richie Sambora has left his rehab program at the UCLA medical center. Seems pretty quick to be fully recovered.
-->Last night Paris Hilton was moved back to Lynwood, where she originally started her sentence. As of now, she is in the medical ward at Lynwood, but since she has been deemed "medically stable," she will return to her solitary cell in the special needs division. The secret medical condition? Panic attacks.
-->At last night's NYC premiere of "A Mighty Heart", Angelina Jolie went with a $26 vintage dress from a thrift store in LA, as opposed to a designer gown. Smacks of Sharon Stone's GAP turtleneck. But cooler, because it's vintage. Oh Angie, you're so edgy.

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