Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kate Hudson, 28, and Owen Wilson, 38 (whaaa?) have split over the Memorial Day Weekend, according to a source at People magazine. While reasons are unknown, we've watched the low-key couple begin in denial that they were even seeing each other, then develop into public handholding, and my personal favorite, "nuzzling." Gross. Seeing the Butterscotch Stallion with anyone is creepy in and of itself, but together, they looked a little too much like brother and sister. They originally hooked up on the set of "Me, You, and Dupree" while Kate was still married to the Black Crowe's Chris Robinson, also known as dirty hobo. Owen, slut that he is, apparently didn't mind the ring on her finger. Alas, another Hollywood romance down the shitter. Never saw it coming.

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