Thursday, June 14, 2007

Here's Lindsay Lohan's Myspace page URL:
to see for yourself her blog, directed at her former bodyguard who just sold his story to Britain's News of the World.

But here's the text of it, and the asterisks are his phone number.

"you can run

a former friend who was supposed to protect me, instead did the opposite and ran to a British tabloid to get a couple dollars. He's stolen camera/memory cards, panties, jewelry, and even money. he's a con artist and that's the reason he was fired last year. He will be held responsible for the false stories & recent pictures he's been circulating verywhere (sp.?)

give Lee a piece of your mind *** *** ****"

And of course, she's got 50 or so comments saying, "What an asshole! Some people will sell you out Lindsay!" Grow up. First of all, don't publish personal information via your Myspace page. Second, false stories? Which can be corroborated with hundreds of other people and photographic evidence of you doing blow? Nice try, small fry. And don't try to throw in a 5 cent word you don't know how to spell.

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