Thursday, June 14, 2007

From Mollygood, regarding Lily Allen's recent show in NYC: "Smoking and chugging shots onstage, the rambling singer kicked off her sneakers, stumbled over her gown and forgot the lyrics to her own songs.

‘See, I told you I was going to mess up,’ she told the crowd, who were already unhappy because she was two hours late to the stage.

In between fits of giggling, Allen found time to mock an ex’s boyfriend’s ’size’ and even dedicated her song ‘Everything Is Wonderful’ to ‘the rich ass—– who live in Washington, D.C., and up our taxes.’

Allen canceled all but four of her 21 announced U.S. concert dates, citing exhaustion. But she wasn’t too exhausted to carry on partying after the show at the Beatrice Inn, where she ran into Josh Hartnett.

According to two witnesses, the actor was even gallant enough to escort Miss Allen inside the bathroom.

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