Thursday, June 28, 2007

From Dlisted, after seven years, the Spice Girls will reunite. I know, I know, all your dreams are coming true...

In what has become the worst-guarded secret in music has become a reality. The Spice Girls announced today that they will reunite after 7 years. They will embark on a 25-city World tour as soon as this Christmas.

Sources say that the girls have already headed to the studio to record their "vocals" for the tour. I mean, these are the effin Spice Girls do you expect them to sing live?

The source said, "When the girls sing out of tune on stage, the mistakes in their voices are instantaneously corrected - in less than a tenth of a second - by computer to perfect the pitch and tone."

"And it is this remastered "virtual voice" which belts out across the arena. The girls' vocals are altered so quickly that it will appear the resulting perfect voices are live and their own."

Can we also use that technology on Britney Spears when she makes her big comeback?

The Spice Girls will each take home around $20 million, so it's not a mystery as to why they reunited. Old sluts! When I saw their asses they even lip-synced their fucking dialogue. So hot.

That being said, what the hell is Geri wearing? Is she trying out for Pollyana the Musical?

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