Thursday, June 14, 2007

From Celebrity Babylon: "John Mayer, 29, was yelling into his phone with his head down outside by the pool on Monday morning, June 11. Says the hotel guest, "He said 'Jess' a bunch of times, so I would think he was talking to Jessica Simpson. He looked wiped out, circles under his eyes, and some pal was grabbing him coffee while he was having this fight over the phone. There was a lot I couldn't hear, but at the end before he hung up, he told her to stop calling, stop texting, stop all of it -- leave me alone! He was shaking his head back and forth like, 'God, make her stop,' and his friend was sort of chuckling at him." Jessica Simpson,26, is shamelessly chasing her on-again off-again boyfriend John Mayer, and it looks like he's finally telling her "enough!"

I could see Jessica being a stalker type.

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