Tuesday, June 26, 2007

From Celebitchy: "A judge has ordered Michael and Dina Lohan, the divorced parents of Lindsay and younger siblings sister Aliana, 13, and brother Dakota, 11, to attend therapy together. The judge presiding over the custody battle for Lindsay’s younger siblings says that therapy will aim to reunite Lindsay’s father Michael with his children. Michael was released from prison in March after serving less than two years out of a four year sentence for DUI and assault.

This week’s Enquirer is reporting that Michael plans to reveal that his wife used cocaine while pregnant with Lindsay if things don’t go his way in the custody battle. This is not entirely new, as these details about Dina’s alleged cocaine use were revealed during their divorce:

In court documents related to the Lohans’ divorce, Michael stated: “During our courtship, my wife abused cocaine on a regular basis. She would fly into fits of rage… and while my wife was pregnant with our oldest child, Lindsay, she would travel regularly to Flushing, Queens, in order to purchase cocaine.

“My wife has always rationalized her use of cocaine by saying that ‘it sharpens her talents’”

[From National Enquirer print edition, July 2, 2007]

Lohan’s mom denies using cocaine while pregnant.

The Enquirer quotes an expert as saying that if this is true, it could genetically predispose Lindsay to become an addict herself. Whether the cause of Lindsay’s addictive personality is nature or nuture or a combination of both, it’s not that much of a stretch to look to her messed up family as inspiration. I’m not saying that she shouldn’t have personal responsibility for her issues, just that you can see where they come from.

Lohan is wisely going to spend more time in Promises rehab beyond 30 days. Dina says she’s “doing great” and is going into the facility’s “extended care program.” Lindsay’s 21st birthday party in Vegas on July 2nd has been cancelled, but she will still have an alcohol-free party outside of the facility. While I wish her the best and hope she cleans up for good, the skeptic in me thinks she’s staying longer in rehab so that she can time her exit to maximum effect. If she were to get out now, her return to the paparazzi spotlight would be eclipsed by Paris’ big release from jail.

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