Wednesday, June 13, 2007

From Bricks and Stones: "Lindsay Lohan is reportedly getting sued for crashing into a parked van in October of 2005. Lindsay was leaving The Ivy and hit a car that was making an illegal u-turn, then she hit the parked van. Lohan claimed that the paparazzi was chasing her at the time.

The LA Sheriff’s department issued a statement regarding the paparazzi:

“Preliminary investigations have revealed that paparazzi were not a factor in the traffic collision.”

The owner of the van sent Lindsay a letter asking Lindsay to pay for the damages, and when she didn’t respond, he filed a suit in small claims court for $3,624."

Which won't set her back too much, as B&S noted, because that is her daily allowance for drugs anyways. You know what they say about Lindsay Lohan: $3,624? Gone in a nostril!

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