Monday, June 18, 2007

From Brick&Stones: "Nicole Richie fueled those pregnancy rumors by declining alcohol Thursday night at the YSL Center Dance Arts party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. According the the NYDN, her boyfriend Joel Madden’s ex, Hilary Duff (who was to have been outfitted by YSL), hadn’t been informed of the couple’s attendance, but caught wind of it at the last minute and canceled 30 minutes before the party."

Sucks for Hil. Bet she's thinking about how she wouldn't put out. So there's this Ghoul Pool at my work, and you bet on which celebs and notable figures will die next. Some lady won $1000 when Anna Nicole died. Grim? Yes. Fun? Totally. Profitable? Bonus. While my instinct says "Lindsay Lohan" my mind says, "How will Nicole see a baby to term weighing 83lbs?" So I may vote Nicole Richie in the Ghoul Pool. Let me know in comments who I should vote for.

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