Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The dad from "Heroes" would like you to know he was not making out with the underage actress who plays his daughter Claire on the show.

Let me squash immediately whatever misguided notions anyone may have gotten from a picture taken a couple of days ago of Hayden and me on the set. There were two papparazzi hanging around all day across the street taking pictures of Hayden's every move. In the scene we were shooting Claire (Hayden) kisses her father (me) on the cheek. The angle at which the photo was taken created in a very misleading image. In one picture I am in short sleeves, that was a rehearsal, in the other I'm in a jacket, that was during a take.

That's it. Please go no further with this nonsense.


Jack Coleman

Writing a letter when a picture says it all? Please, you're giving the paparazzi too much intellectual credit.

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