Thursday, June 07, 2007

At last, a clear photo of Jayden James from! He certainly is a mysterious kid, first that photo in the pink fluff suit during the winter time and then months go by with nothing! Don't worry, I won't be using ! in every sentence of this post. ! PSYCH! I just love how the ! changes the delivery! Like you have to say the last word on an upswing or people won't know you're excited!'s Michael K commented on Sean Preston's severe grundy, but further than that, these photos just show that Britney doesn't do much else but hold her children for the paparazzi's sake! Er, wait, remember when she almost dropped SPF?! Maybe she doesn't even know how to do that! There are rumors circulating that Britney is daing her Promises sponsor, a 38 year old real estate developer, and this would be her third rehab rebound romance! She clearly has her act together!


the genital caller said...

i don't know why i go through spurts of forgetting this blog but when i come back, it's that much better.
p.s. i have your red and white striped jacket at my place

the genital caller said...

oops, i don't know what those beginning letters are on my first comment.