Thursday, June 07, 2007

All over the news is that Paris Hilton's been sprung from jail 20 days too early, after serving only 72 hours at Lynwood. has had hourly updates, and the most recent covers the reasons behind her early dismissal: near nervous breakdown.

"Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Paris Hilton's medical condition was purely psychological and that she was in peril of having a nervous breakdown, and that's why she was released early this morning.

Psychiatrist Charles Sophy visited Hilton in jail yesterday and the day before. We're told after Sophy's visit yesterday, word was passed to the Sheriff that Hilton's mental state was fragile and she was at risk.

The reason for releasing her had nothing to do with a rash or other physical issues. It was purely in her head.

Last month, on the eve of a trial in which Hilton was accused of slandering socialite Zeta Graph, Dr. Sophy told the judge that Hilton was "emotionally distraught and traumatized" over her jail sentence, which prevented her from participating in a meaningful defense. That trial was put on hold until August.

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources have just told TMZ the County Jail medical team made the final decision to spring Paris based on Dr. Sophy's psychological evaluation. And we're told, Sheriff Lee Baca gave the final approval."

Is this what she does in the face of consequence? Not to compare a nervous breakdown to a good sob, but come on, this is the second time she's pulled this. She needs to own up to her actions and stop relying on legal loopholes to get herself off the hook. Paris will be on house arrest for forty days, and will be wearing an ankle bracelet that tracks her movement. And she's probably online shopping for accessories for the anklet, you know, some swarovski crystals here, a big "P" there. In fact, she's probably planning a pool party to welcome herself out of the clink.

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