Thursday, May 17, 2007

From Hollywood Rag, the Hoff is an alcoholic Energizer Bunny: "David Hasselhoff has been hospitalized 13 times for alcohol poisoning, the star's ex-wife claims. Pamela Bach says the former 'Baywatch' actor's "extreme" problem with drink
gradually "eroded" their 16-year-marriage. She told Us Weekly magazine: "He's been through three rehabs - in 2001,
2002, and 2004. He has been to the emergency room at least 12 to 13 times at Cedars-Sinai, under aliases, for alcohol poisoning. His disease is very extreme. Over time, the disease eroded the relationship."

Hasselhoff's attorney, Melvin Goldsman, claims Bach's allegations are "not true".

Bach, 43, explained the first time she saw the 54-year-old actor drunk was on their second date.

She said: "The first time I saw David wasted was our second date at his house. I thought, 'Wow, he drank a little bit too much and too fast.'

"But he was my best friend, and I was lucky to marry the love of my life."

Bach also revealed she was alone in her bedroom watching TV when she saw the now infamous video of a drunk Hasselhoff rolling around shirtless on a hotel.

The footage was filmed by the couple's 16-year-old daughter Taylor-Ann, after her father asked her to video him when drunk so he could "see what he is like". When asked what she thought about the video, Bach replied: "So many
emotions. I'm thinking of protecting my family, and who released this? And I'm thinking that Taylor-Ann is so calm, because she's been raised around it."

Bach and Hasselhoff, who divorced in 2006, are in a bitter custody battle for Taylor-Ann and 14 year-old Hayley (pictured).

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