Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Awwwkward. Nothing like pretending you'll be together forevs and doing a movie together, then breaking up and having to see each other at the movie's premiere. Such is the case with Cameron Diaz, who voices Princess Fiona in "Shrek 3" and ex-beau Justin Timberlake, who voices Prince Arthur, who met at last weekend's "Shrek 3" premiere.

From Bricks and Stones: "It wasn't exactly happily ever after, but Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz made nice at Sunday morning's Los Angeles premiere of Shrek the Third. The event – which also drew the film's stars Eddie Murphy, Mike Meyers, Julie Andrews, Rupert Everett and Antonio Banderas (with his wife, Melanie Griffith) – marked the former couple's first major public appearance together since breaking up in January.

The exes arrived at nearly the same time, and they later smiled together for a cast photo – even sharing a hug and a kiss. Diaz, who voices the character of Fiona in the Shrek films (Timberlake plays would-be king Arthur), mostly stuck close to costar Meyers, hamming it up and doing a few interviews with him."

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