Tuesday, May 22, 2007

After the Hoff's visitation rights had been taken from him after a now infamous video of him drunk and rambling surfaced on Extra, David Hasselhoff has now being granted visitation of his two teenage daughters. In contrast to the very public manner in which the tape was leaked, and both David and his former wife, Pamela Bach, responded to the footage, the two parties currently remain fairly close-lipped about the most recent legal proceedings concerning custody issues in their divorce.

Lawyer Melvin Goldsman made the disclosure before the start of a closed-door court hearing concerning the videotape and related issues. Hasselhoff, 54, and his former wife, Pamela Bach, 43, both attended the hearing but neither provided details after it ended.

"It went very well, the truth was told, and I can't say any more," Hasselhoff said outside court.

When celebs are involved in public drunkenness scandals, there's a certain amount of gaper's block involved. Watching the Hoff eat a hamburger shirtless on the floor was like seeing a car hit a telephone pole. You wonder, whose going to call 911? Ah, someone will, keep staring! AND after this videorecorded debacle, a judge STILL allows the Hoff to see his kids. His ex-wife must be batshit crazy to lose out to a drunken, hamburger-eating, middle-aged has-been.

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