Sunday, February 18, 2007

You can't hide those herpes with a green fan and a yellow dress.

Paris and her originator of the overexposed Hilton gene, mother Kathy

Here are picture's from Vienna's Opera Ball, which Paris attended as a "special guest" of construction magnate Richard Lugner, who is a spritely 74 years old. Accompanied by mother Kathy, Paris was a guest of honor at the glamorous ball on Thursday evening, to which invitations have previously been extended by Mr. Lugner to Geri Halliwell and Pamela Anderson. Tickets to the prestigious occasion sell out months in advance and are reserved for 4500 Austrian and foreign celebs, dignitaries, and socialites. According to Bricks and Stones though, "Paris, 25, very nearly didn't make the evening, however, after running into problems en route in Munich, where she was told her passport had expired. Luckily the US ambassador to Austria stepped in and vouched for her, meaning she could enter the country after all." I'm sure she "reimbursed" the US ambassador in a very special way.

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