Wednesday, February 07, 2007

One of the photos to emerge from the locker of Paris Hilton's storage facility, and thus posted on (which has since been shut down) is of Mischa Barton's now ex-boyfriend, Cisco Adler, posing naked with his giant ball sack hanging down...literally to the middle of his thigh. If you want to see it, and I would recommend highly that you don't, check out for the uncensored NSFW image. But this photo is causing controversy not because of its disgustingness but because Mischa saw it and flipped out.

Reports USWeekly via Celebitchy:

"There are three really rather skeevy pictures of Whitestarr singer Cisco Adler’s giant balls in the contents of Paris’ storage locker that were posted on ParisExposed before it was shut down by popularity and judicial order. In one, Cisco is holding a big bottle of rum and a joint and posing with a do not disturb sign hanging off his manhood. Perez Hilton posted the pictures on his super popular blog without mentioning the source because he’s all up Paris’ skirt and didn’t want to hurt her widdle feelings. (You can also see the main one on IDLYITW.) After that everyone pretty much knew how grotesquely Cisco was hung and how proud he must be of it to routinely pose for pictures for “friends” without his skivvies.

Former O.C. star Mischa Barton is Cisco’s on-again longterm girlfriend, and she is said to have ended it after the scandal of Cisco’s elephantitis hit the Internets:

A source tells Us Weekly the pair parted ways after nude photos of Adler, 28, surfaced on the Web.

This NSFW pic of Adler hanging loose, which turned up among Paris Hilton’s possessions when the contents of the heiress’ unpaid storage locker were posted online at (the site was later shut down).

Says a source, “They had a blowup. She was furious.”

Barton’s rep had no comment, and Adler’s could not be reached.

The former O.C. actress has been dating the rocker since August 2005

If there’s enough demand I’ll post the incriminating pictures here, because I have one really gorgeous one of Cisco showing his sack to a bemused man on the street that I haven’t seen up yet. I had a whole post on it at one point, but just decided to scrap it as there really is a difference between male and female nudity when you’re looking at a scrotum like that.

Good for Mischa for dumping this guy already, but really what took her so long?

This is the first breakup caused by Paris Exposed. The scandal over Paris’ use of racist and anti-gay epithets while her sister looked on might cost Nicky Hilton a business deal with the real estate developer behind her Nicky O. Miami hotel, which has been delayed by a bunch of other issues including Nicky stiffing the interior designer."

I seriously have to call into question Mischa's pick of guys. First it's Fat Elvis, who also appears in Paris' photos (thankfully not naked), now Cisco Adler, both of whom have been affiliated with Paris. Why do all roads end at Paris? Is her emphasis that far-reaching in Hollywood? Mischa seems like a good, Keds-wearing girl, and her boyfriends are sleazy and gross, plus they hang out with Paris. She needs to get set up with...Frankie Muniz. Wait, is he engaged?

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