Wednesday, November 22, 2006

So have you heard about this feud involving daytime queens Kelly Ripa and Rosie O'Donnell concerning Clay Aiken? Clay was a guest on "Regis and Kelly" and you know when Kelly gets carried away talking/chattering/blabbing, well I guess Clay jokingly put his hand over her mouth to stop her from talking. And Kelly did not appreciate this. She said she didn't know where his hand had been. Uh oh, guess who was watching and wasn't happy?
Not only the Claymates, but also outspoken lesbian Rosie O'Donnell from "The View" who called Ripa's remarks "homophobic", implying that Clay doesn't just rhyme with gay; he is gay, or at least closeted. PEOPLE has the story:

Rosie O'Donnell chided talk show host Kelly Ripa on The View Tuesday, calling her comment last week about Clay Aiken – who guest hosted Friday's Live with Regis and Kelly – "homophobic" and "a little odd." During an interview with Dancing with the Stars winners Cheryl Burke and Emmitt Smith on Friday's Live, Aiken put his hand over Ripa's mouth sso he could interject a question. "Oh, that's a no-no," Ripa said, adding, "I don't know where that hand's been, honey!" On Tuesday's View, O'Donnell told her co-hosts, "To me that's a homophobic remark. If that was a straight man, if that was a cute man, if that was a guy that she didn't question his sexuality, she would have said a different thing." (Aiken does not discuss his sexual orientation, and told PEOPLE in September, "People are going to believe what they want.") Ripa was quickly patched in by phone to address O'Donnell's accusations. "He reached across and covered my mouth with his hand," Ripa said. "I have three kids (and) he's shaking hands with everybody in the audience. It's cold and flu season. That's what I meant, and to imply that it's homophobic is outrageous, Rosie. And you know better. You should be more responsible." O'Donnell emphasized that "from where I sit" as a gay woman, the remark seemed homophobic. Ripa insisted, "I respect all people, regardless."
Tori Spelling poked fun at the media blitz surrounding this story on last night's American Music Awards, and Clay seemed to take it in good humor. Considering he's been outed not just by Rosie, but on frequent occasions by Perez Hilton, I would say his tolerance level is quite high. He should follow the high road of TR Knight from "Grey's Anatomy" and Neil Patrick Harris from "How I Met Your Mother" and of course, "Doogie Howser MD" who announced their homosexuality in the utmost tasteful fashion, albeit through their publicists.


Anonymous said...

wait one hot min. Doogie is gay???

SES said...

totally! and I guess people on the set of "Harold and Kumar" thought it was hilarious for him to have played that drugged-out manwhore in the movie because he was openly gay. but he only recently came out to the media, which I guess you "have" to do to prove you're really gay.