Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So Britney's out partying pantsless with Paris Hilton, puffing away on some smokes and dancing in her fishnet stockings. I hope she has a good babysitter. Meanwhile...
something Hollywood-related finally happened in Chicago! Kfed scrawled this message to Britney in Sharpie on the shower door of his House of Blues dressing room, and what a poet is he. This came on the evening that news broke of Kfed and Britney's divorce, coincidentally the same night as his (free) show at HOB. I heard that some people came dressed up as Kfed and most everyone was tanked at the show, including Kfed. How embarrassing that HOB gave away tickets to his show, they must have lost big on booking him to "perform."

In other Kfed and Britney news, and oh yes, there is more, the sex tape you've been hearing about is a fraud (girl who looks astonishingly like a brunette Britney giving a blowjob), and the one that Kfed threatened Britney with (reportedly four hours long) will never be released. That's not to say it doesn't exist, it just won't make the ranks of One Night In Paris. Says TMZ.com: "TMZ has learned that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline will come together one more time to tell the public that they never made a sex tape.Reps from the divorcing couple tell us that both Britney and Kevin want to put an end to rumors that K-Fed is out peddling a sex tape for some quick cash. They have agreed to jointly issue a statement, hoping to put an end to the flurry of stories that such a tape exists.TMZ is told the statement will come out shortly." I'll be waiting with baited breath!

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