Wednesday, November 22, 2006

See that thing that looks like a pool pass attached to Lindsay Lohan's tank top? That's a 90 days chip from either AA or NA and there's more evidence that's she's joined the Anonymous cult: on Perez Hilton (yes, I still check his site despite not agreeing with his outings--he's got a great gossip mainline), a reader pointed out a part of her tribute to Robert Altman letter that echoes of 12 step programs.

"Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourselves."
That is one of the tenets of 12 step programs for alcohol and drug addiction recovery!!!
Is Lindsay seeking treatment for a problem???? Or does she just like reading materials like that for fun????
P.S. Lohan has also been photographed recently (below) wearing a "90 Day" chip, given by Narcotics Anonymous to members that have been sober for three months.

The extra exclaimation points are the author's own, and have not been endorsed by Celeb Dish.

And perhaps more pressing new, has she finally partied herself past the brink? The National Enquirer is reporting that Lindsay's overdosed on cocaine and prescription pills:

"In a blockbuster world exclusive story, The ENQUIRER has learned that an out-of-control Lindsay Lohan overdosed on a deadly cocktail of cocaine and painkillers on Nov. 12.
A doctor raced to Hollywood's Chateau Marmont after a friend of the 20-year-old actress found her unconscious in a drug-filled hotel room.
Although the doctor was able to revive the hard-partying star, he was horrified to discover a "stash of cocaine and a pile of prescription drugs" in the room, an insider told The ENQUIRER exclusively.
The doctor flushed the cocaine down the toilet and bagged up seven different prescription drugs, according to the insider.
"The doctor insisted, 'This girl had a serious drug overdose. She has to go into a hospital and then into rehab.'"
Lindsay refused to be treated at a hospital or enter rehab."


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