Tuesday, November 07, 2006

MORE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES: Lindsay Lohan just wanted an excuse to wear an overtly sexual outfit. What is she anyway, a sexy hippy? Peace, man.
Couldn't Jeremy Piven have tried a little bit harder? He found this Mexican poncho when he was in Tijuana probably scoring prescription pills. Okay, I totally made that up. I don't even know if Jeremy Piven went to Tijuana, let alone if he takes pills. He more than likely got this at some shitty costume shop on Wilshire.
Jenny McCarthy, yet another celebrity using Halloween as a means to dress like a whore. Is that French maid costume patent leather?? And Tommy, this one was for you, who thinks Jenny is both hilarious and sexy.
I give Jennifer Love Hewitt credit for actually being something other than a sexy nurse or a sexy firefighter...she went as Charlie Chaplin and looks pretty great. And is that guy she's with Harpo Marx? If they went the entire evening writing little notes on their pads of paper instead of speaking, that's taking the "in character" thing a little too far. I mean, I've never thought of Jennifer Love Hewitt as anything but a serious actress.
Here's Paris Hilton's twelfth costume, a bunny of some sort in a short skirt. Next to her is her sister Nicky as French maid whose apron is longer than her dress.
This is Giselle Bunchen as Wonder Woman. I don't want to write about her because she looks sexy all the time; she's a fucking underwear model for chrissakes. She should have been a potato sack for Halloween, maybe change it up a little.
Christina Aguilera and her husband Jordan Bratman went as a ghoulish wedding couple, and I'm a big fan of their costumes. But zombie-like is pretty much how Jordan is the other 364 days of the year anyway. I don't think I've ever heard him speak.
Ouch, too soon, Bill Maher. Too soon. But still a cringe-face funny.
I'm pretty sure Alyssa Milano's wings are on upside-down.

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