Wednesday, November 22, 2006

From MSN Hot Gossip, are Jessica Simpson and John Mayer in a romance redux? "John Mayer apparently doesn't scare easy. Two months after the tabloids jumped the gun by anointing him Jessica Simpson's next great love (the embarrassed ex-Mrs. Lachey later denied they were dating and canned her publicist), he's braved the backlash by cozying up to her in a semi-public place. On Saturday night, the facial contortion-prone pair looked thisclose as they dined with pals at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, according to MSN's eagle-eyed Dish Diva, who reports they appeared "blissed out with each other." How blissed out? There was some food swapping and tender touching involved. "They were eating off each other's plates," she tells us. "John rubbed her back [and] Jessica had her hand on his thigh as they leaned into each other and laughed." Adds a play-by-play providing spywitness to E!'s Mark Malkin, "She totally had her head on his chest, and now they are canoodling." Meanwhile, a mole tells Perez Hilton that Simpson and Mayer were seen that same night hanging out at the Sunset Marquis Hotel, with insiders claiming they've been "rekindling their friendship."

Okay, first off, who uses the term "blissed out"? That is why I question the authenticity of these alleged insiders, because they don't speak in normal English and honestly, what kind of friend runs to the tabloids with every instance of "canoodling?" I also hate that term. It reminds me "the whole kitten caboodle" or wait, is it "kit AND caboodle"? All my grammar naziness is coming back to bite me in the ass. Either way, I don't care that they are dating, or if they ever did at one point. Remember US Weekly's cover, "Jess Finds Love" that was published like two seconds after John and Jessica were spotted together? That was like Truman holding up the Chicago Tribune headline "Dewey Defeats Truman" after he won the presidency. Excellent news coverage, US.

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