Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Anna Kournikova: "Hello, my name is Anna. And I think I have a problem."

Nicole Richie: "As president, I want to assure you you don't have a problem. You look great."

Lindsay Lohan: "Yeah, you look great. What's your secret?" (while munching)

NR: "Who brought cookies to this meeting? And who gave them to Lohan?"

Teri Hatcher: "I made cookies with Emerson last night. We thought the group might like them."

Lara Flynn Boyle: "And Anna, as a new member, you must at all costs assure everyone YOU DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM. You're just stressed and have high athelete's metabolism."

AK: "Thanks everyone. The only one I'll have trouble convincing is Enrique..."

Why do photographers even bother taking pictures of her playing tennis anymore? Isn't it well-known that she's a second-rate player who barely competes anymore? But I guess anorexic pics are worth diamonds on the Hollywood black market.

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Anonymous said...

Holy crap, she lost all he muscle and now is just boney. Yaaa for her! She has now reached Hollywoods objectified views on celebs, and the new and improved athletes! How will the Americans win anything if this spreads to our other female atheles? ... and then the men.