Tuesday, October 10, 2006

So we've seen the Tom Cruise couch-jumping Bobblehead, but have you seen this?
Why it's the Tom Cruise butt plug, called the Mission Insertable!

This I got from www.Savemanny.blogspot.com (thanks Yishai!), which is worth the visit just for this guy's story alone (he never wants to enter the workforce and prefers to beg for money over the internet)! From Save Manny:

"HOLLYWOOD - Tom Cruise has filed a $50-million lawsuit against Holesome Fun Incorporated, the world's largest manufacturer of sex toys, over the company's alleged unauthorized use of his image on its new Mission Insertable butt plug."

Is this a comment on Cruise's frequently questioned "heterosexuality"? You've all heard the rumor about him and Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20, right? Supposedly, the story was about to blow (forgive the pun) right when the PR whirlwind known as the Katie Holmes romance was made public, and conveniently, no one ever heard about his affair with a married Rob Thomas. To add icing on the cake is the rumor that Suri is actually Chris Klein's baby, and Katie was already pregnant when she met Tom last year, then weirdly, went to Italy with him to promote Mission Impossible 3. I don't know about you, but I will always now think of Mission Insertable, and the creepier-than-Mini-Me buttplug.

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