Thursday, October 12, 2006

First of all, why does she have her license? Can you imagine the roadtest she had to take to get her license? "Pull over here." "But this isn't the Ivy. I have a lunch date at 1230pm, can't we just go there?" "What's that in your purse?" "It's Equal."
Yeah yeah yeah, so Paris and Nicole are back together again, I just can't wait to see what trouble they stir up as camp counselors on "The Simple Life." Nicole: "Let's all try to put condoms on bananas to practice safe sex." Paris: "Hee hee hee."
God, could you look more fucked up? Plus a thousand for wearing your seatbelt though, Destucto Dan.
Michael Jackson aka Nicole Richie is escorted to her car on an evening out with Lindsay Lohan.
Why don't you put on some more bracelets, Nicole?


Jerkstore said...

Why is Lindsay’s hair looking like crap lately? I think Nichols hair looks nice and it suites her super skinny frame. But I am so sick of these extensions. I think they look gross. How come everything on these celebs bodies is fake? Everything... and I think it is getting worse everyday.

SES said...

I think Lindsay is just looking like absolute crap lately, not just her hair.

And I do like Nicole's hair color, it suits her skin type.

Extensions are gross. Why can't they just deal with the normal rate of hair growth like the rest of us?

crembone said...

nick nolte seems to have added fake grease to his hair, which i actually think complements his bone structure. i prefer mugshot nick nolte to, say, prince of tide nick nolte.