Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Deer in headlights? More like Lindsay Lohan on meth. From Celebitchy:

Lainey’s gossip points out that Lindsay Lohan’s pupils are pinpoints in these recent pictures of her at the Malibu Celebration of Film Dinner on October 7th. "She has beautiful eyes, non? Two expressive pools of green/grey/blue accentuated even further by super dark locks and a curiously small pair of pupils. But only a coincidence…right?
With all that talk of Rachel Zoe and crystal meth and providing more than just style advice for her star clients and given that some idiots in the press have called Lilo bloated of late - the fact that her pupils are pinned is really *just* a coincidence, right? She won’t be 5-10 pounds lighter in 5 days, right?
A new lab experiment - keep watching, as will I."

Then Celebitchy goes on to add that physical signs of drug abuse include none other than "Pinned (tiny, constricted) pupils in the eye (secondary to opioid abuse)." Sucks for Lindsay Lohan to be such a party girl, and one who is never under the radar. I would hate it if I was fucked up all the time and people kept taking pictures of me, it would bring my fun level down to about a 2. And I think Rachel Zoe should be Frankenstein for Halloween, or a drug dealer. Wait, both of those "costumes" require no dressing up, and she is a stylist after all, right?

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