Thursday, September 28, 2006

Whoa. Is Lindsay Lohan wearing (in photo B) a hat with her own pic on it, and (in photo A) her ex-boyfriend's name on it, as if people were going to start inventing fake feuds between Harry Morton and Lindsay then publicizing them on cheapo hats and t-shirts? Come on, this is no divorce between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. This is a three-month "relationship" marked by rampant sex and lame coke-fueled trips to Disneyland. Obviously, it had the makings of a storybook romance. Harry told Extra they're taking a "breather" and that they "needed some time apart." Meanwhile, Lindsay has decided to be her own biggest fan, and promote herself further, as if this was humanly possible.
More interesting than her stupid pose is what's on her cast. From my squinty-eyed reading of the red writing, it looks to say, "...sweet 2 me" as if some ghetto girl had signed her cast in permanent marker UR2GOOD2B4GOTTEN. If Lindsay came up to me at a party with a marker to sign her cast, I'd stab her in the eye, then maybe draw a cock and balls on her face while she was passed out on the floor. Not like it hasn't happened before.

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