Friday, September 29, 2006

Where the fuck has Nicole Richie been shopping? Hot Topic? A gray hooded sweatshirt that says Love? And what's on it, a little mushroom? I can't tell. Maybe a cartoon knome? Either way, she looks like a tween. Her stylist Rachel Zoe must have taken the day off, and Nicole went it her own when she and Brody Jenner went out for "lunch." Thanks Pink is the New Blog for the pic.


Jerkstore said...

It's the meth, its fucking up her decision making area in the brain. Poor girl cant pick out clothes now. Such a shame.

SES said...

seriously, isn't this the type of shit you'd find at pacific sunwear or something? next week she'll premiere a billabong sweatshirt with a surfer girl on the front that says, "ride"

and brody jenner's shirt probably cost $1200.