Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Whatever you're doing today that you might have thought once or twice (or seven times, depending on the severity of your day) god, my life sucks! Think of it this way...you are not a Claymate....nor have you ever plastered his face on a denim bag...
...nor have you waited in line with other Claymates in front of a poster of Clay Aiken/when-bangs-attack. These Claymates are like a separate political partisan, they should have their own selection on national ballots. Have you heard how miffed they are about people calling him gay? This reminds me of the time my neighbor was obsessed with Ellen DeGeneres and even read her biography (this was before the Yep, I'm Gay! Time cover), but kept denying that Ellen was a lesbian. Ummm...how much longer can these Claymates deny their leader is gay? And this is after I reported he was coming out on Good Morning America. Apparently he was so vague when Diane Sawyer asked him about his sexuality, that no one understood his analogy of when you're 8 and your dad asks you if you broke something and the only thing he'll believe is yes, even if you didn't break the vase.

Fucking break the vase, Clay. Come on, already. Perez Hilton outs you every day, he's doing all the hard work for you.

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Tommie Shefsky said...

did you notice the crucifix popping out of that denim bag?