Monday, September 18, 2006

So Lindsay Lohan got another punch on her hospital visit card, which brings the tally to at least four visits in the last year...but first, the story on her drunken fight with her mom, Dina, who calls herself "the white Oprah", from Egotastic! via Page Six:

"Lindsay got a call from her mother telling her to come to the party," said a spy. "Lindsay didn't want to go, because her mother was drinking already, but she went anyway."
"When Lindsay got there, her mother and her four friends were into their second bottle of Cristal," said a restaurantgoer. "Right after the first course, they started fighting."
"A mortified" Lindsay finally told her mother to "go to hell!" before she exited. After Lindsay left, Dina started "crying and shaking... Dina typed vigorously on her BlackBerry for 45 minutes while her friends were just sitting there, and when the birthday cake came out, she broke out crying again - even louder." The unhappy birthday girl - who calls herself the "white Oprah" - also made "five trips to the bathroom in 90 minutes and came back to the table sniffling each time," said our witness.

Again, it's not news that the Lohan family does coke. This is what happens Lindsay when you and your mom claim to be fight like a bunch of bitches.

So really I just wanted to get rid of this picture of Harry Morton grabbing Lindsay's ass, and it's accompanying the totally unrelated story of Lindsay going to the hospital again for a "fractured wrist." That girl needs to stop falling when she's fucked up. Again, from Egotastic! via Access Hollywood:

"Lohan's publicist, Leslie Sloane, confirmed to Access Saturday morning that Lohan had in fact fractured her wrist in two places after suffering a fall at the Milk Studios in New York, where she was for a Fashion Week week event. According to Sloane, while walking in an outdoor area in flat Channel boots, Lohan slipped. Her driver took her immediately to St. Vincent's. Her mom drove in from Long Island to the hospital (and has been with her ever since). Sloane also tells Access Hollywood that "there's a pending investigation," because Lohan claims that Milk Studios didn't take adequate precautions to cover the slick ground. A message was left for Milk Studios for comment on Saturday, but Access Hollywood was so far been unable to receive comment. "

A "pending investigation"? Gimme a break. And could she be any more orange?

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